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Travel broadens the mind!

Take a break from your daily work and get started on your personal Learning Journey:

  • Explore concepts, views and experiences that give you measurable value to your everyday work.
  • Take a step back from your everyday practise.
  • Get informed about the way others do it.
  • New ideas are guaranteed. And new energy, too.


Experts and Novices

Target groups of our journeys are:

  • Politicians and decision makers in local governments
  • Managers in town planning, traffic, transport and environmental departments and
  • Company representatives looking for the latest developments and potential partners

Participants could be experts or novices. Individual travels should be more interesting for experts, while for beginners we recommend our standard tours as an introduction to the topics.

Learn from a good example

Many cities and regions are struggling hard with the effects of motorized road transport. But some municipalities have found solutions on how to ensure good population mobility, while reducing air and noise pollution. Check it out on the spot!

Learn from the best-practice examples and share it around with you. The expert team of team red combines years of experience with innovative approaches and can organize a tour package in which technology, services, and political application are equally treated.

The projects that we will show you are flagship projects. These projects and the people involved are our references for each specific field.

Your Personal Advantage

Have you ever worked very hard on a difficult issue and asked yourself: Someone must have had this problem before – and maybe also a solution?

Have you ever experienced how helpful is to widen your horizon? As an international consulting company we present and explain to you innovative and surprising strategies all over Europe.

Have you ever met someone whit a better approach to your problem – which can suddenly open a totally new view on it? Find out new solutions, get inspired and acquire new expertise: go ahead and...Book Your Journey.


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