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Personalize your journey as you wish!

We offer standard journeys - and individual Learning Journeys as well. Tell us your current topics and we choose the projects that we think are most suitables for you. According to your requirements we will organize meetings and visits at your preferred destinations. Use also our standard journeys to experience for the first time topics that you are interested in.

In one way or another, with our long experience and our companies' contacts, we take care of your Learning Journey from its planning, through the realization till the final documentation.

A good plan means...

You state your current issues and we will propose projects that can match your requirements. We organize an appropriate journey and visit everything with you on site.

Get inspired by our proposals and personalize your journey!

Let us know how many people will travel with you. Will there be only one group exclusively from your company or will the group include also members of other institutions?

Our Services:

  • Description of the journey from the start in PDF document
  • Detailed planning of the journey

          o Transfers
          o Accommodations
          o Meals

  •  Program Framework

Enjoy your trip!

We guarantee a journey without troubles: you focus on the contents of your meetings, while we provide the necessary relaxed atmosphere.

Our Services:

  • team red experts technical support
  • Fully-organized travel arrangements

      o   Transfers
      o   Hotel - check-in and check-out
      o   Meals
      o   Interpreters when needed

  • Organization of meetings on site with experts reports about:

      o   ...the development and implementation of projects
      o   ...ideas and processes that have led to a positive evaluation of the project and consequently to the implementation of the project
      o   ...communication strategies to stakeholders and the general public
      o   ...political support

Printed or in digital format?

On request, at the end of the Learning Journey, we provide you all the documentation in the data format of your choice.

  • Event overview
  • Presentations
  • Interview transcripts
  • Contact Information
  • Video recording
  • Data format: Printed or CD/DVD
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