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Shared Mobility - Berlin, Germany

Berlin is the vibrant heart of Germany and Europe, displaying a new mobility style. More than 3000 sharing cars are available, a scooter sharing as well as ride sharing portals - combined with its fantastic public transport system this is making Berlin a  showcase for future transportation.

Visit Berlin for a day and travel with all these new shared mobility option and see what you might transfer to your city!

Program for your day in Berlin:

  • Test drive Car-Sharing (elektrisch / Verbrennungsmotor)
  • Test drive Bike-Sharing
  • Test drive Ride-Sharing
  • Walk through Berlin to see rental stations and changes to the urban spaces favouring these new urban mobility

This program can be adjusted to your wishes, including public transit or direct interviews. We also could change the program to a different city worldwide, since many more cities are changing the way they travel!

Interested? Just call or email, we will take of your personal Learning Journey!


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